Metro & Global connectivity

Our network connects your network to Europe, and  America, Middle East, Africa, Asia.

Decknet plugs your infrastructure into the 24/7 availability so you can reach your customers and partners.

Connect your offices, distribute content, exchange traffic with peers, access data from financial marketplaces, sell your products.




Decknet operates high-performance and cost-effective network solutions with 99,999% reliability.

The Easy-to-Plug technologies we use increase Fiber’s capacity and reliability, whether you want us to build a national or international network.


Decknet provides a platform for the convergence of Internet, Data, Voice, and Video content by linking your datacenters and/or offices with a technology already used in your existing LANs today.

Our scale-up design complies with your evolving bandwidth requirements from 1Mbps to n x 100Gbps.

Burstable interfaces to their maximum capacity.


We provide incremental bandwidth options so that you can purchase only the necessary bandwidth.

Our IP and Ethernet networks are solely operated by DECKNET:

continuous, reliable and local support,

redundant and self-healing DWDM fiber backbone.