Our experts scrutinise your network and datacenter infrastructure and detect areas of optimisation.

We can also process a thorough audit of your low latency network in order to detect breaches and leaks. We geo-locate any ill-intentioned interception device interfering with your operations.



We design corporate networks based on their needs: connecting Headquarters and branch offices, building an international private network or connecting partners and customers.

The very specific needs of the Media and Financials industries are also met by our expertise as our experienced team designs and operates broadcast terrestrial network as well as low-latency links for trading purpose.



Whether you ask Decknet to start with a blank page or work on an existing network design, our job is to help you get the best out of it.

Let us check the tools and processes you use, your sourcing, provisioning and capacity management processes and we can help you to make it easier.


Monitoring / Operation management

We undertand Network and Datacenter are not your core business but rather resources.

Let us help you monitor these resources so stay informed of its health.

If you are concerned about responsiveness, though, you can ask Decknet to partially or fully manage your infrastructure.